Rules and Terms

In order to receive your discount you must present your certificate before ordering. Discounts apply only to the items and terms specified on the offer.
Dining Out
How it Works- When ordering two or more main course entrees or items, restaurants will deduct the price of the least expensive entree or item up to the maximum dollar value stated in the directory. Always inform your service person before ordering.
Always tip 15-20% on your total check before discount. Some restaurants will automatically add a gratuity. If you are not sure that a tip has been added, please ask your service person. Restaurant personnel depend on tips for their income and good service is important for the operation of our program.
Dining in Groups
When more than two people dine together these rules will apply- a. One bill per table. b. No more than three certificates per table. Example: Six or more dinners in one party, three certificates presented, the three least expensive main courses in that party are discounted. Example: Three dinners in one party, one certificate presented, the least expensive adult main course entree in that party is discounted.
Dining With Children
When two or more adults and children dine together, the least expensive adult entree is discounted.
All holidays (including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, etc.) are excluded. Also be sure to check with restaurants concerning regional events, such as the Furniture Market, Azalea Festival, etc.
Other Promotional Discounts
Certificates may not be used with other daily specials such as: discount priced daily specials, senior citizen rates, early bird specials, etc. If in doubt check with the establishment.
DC Publishing, Inc.
and its subsidiaries, will not be responsible if any establishment breaches its contract or refuses to accept certificates, however, we will attempt to secure compliance. All participating merchants have signed a legal contract agreeing to honor their discount. DC Publishing, Inc., will not be held responsible in the event of acts of God, fire, casualties, dissatisfaction, strike or other events beyond its control. DC Publishing, Inc., cannot be held responsible for any and all liabilities due to, but not limited to, misprinted information, omission, or uncontrollable circumstances.
DC Publishing has a full money back guarantee, valid for 10 days from the date of purchase with receipt.
Attractions Mobile Coupons
When using Attractions Mobile Coupons, the customer will use the certificate under the same conditions listed above. The customer may use the certificate at the time it is loaded on the phone screen and presented to the merchant. The customer may not store, copy, or transmit a coupon that has already been redeemed or attempt to use a redeemed coupon for additional discount. To do so subjects the customer to a revocation of their subscription to the Mobile App without refund. DC Publishing Inc. will not be responsible for the functionality of the customer's phone or device, and will not be responsible for a customer's inability to access the service because of battery failure, connectivity availability or disturbance, or acts of God.
DC Publishing reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who does not participate within the spirit of the program.
All prices and offerings are subject to change.
Certificates may not be reproduced, bartered or traded.